GOPACS is an initiative of the Dutch grid operators:


How does GOPACS work?

Based on up-to-date information, the grid operators determine where and when congestion can be expected. To solve this congestion, the grid operators want to reduce electricity production in this part of the grid, for instance. The congestion situation is entered into GOPACS, and a market message is issued. Market parties with a connection in the affected area can then place an order on a participating market platform.

However, the balance in the electricity grid at a national level is not to be disturbed. This is why the lower amount of electricity in the congestion area is combined with an opposite order from a market party outside of the congestion area. GOPACS quickly checks if this order will not cause any problems elsewhere in the electricity grid.

If all lights are green, the grid operators will pay the price difference (the spread) between the two orders. In this way the two orders are matched on the market platform and the congestion situation can be solved.

For GOPACS we are collaborating with the intraday market platform of ETPA. Moreover, we are having conversations with other market platforms (EpexSpot, Nord Pool) with the aim to also connect these to GOPACS. The other Dutch DSOs Enduris, Coteq en Rendo support this initiative and are also participating in GOPACS.

See how it works

GOPACS is an important platform to mitigate capacity shortages in the electricity grid(congestion) and thus contribute to keeping the Dutch grid reliable and affordable. Watch our video to learn how GOPACS works.

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GOPACS uses flex to solve congestion in the electricity grid

Daan Schut, CTO Alliander

Daan Schut - CTO, Alliander

Market forces contribute to an affordable and reliable energy supply

"GOPACS is the platform with which the network operators can jointly access and coordinate flexible power in the electricity network. By making use of the flexibility of our customers and market parties, we can make the best possible use of the current energy infrastructure. In this way, market forces contribute to an affordable and reliable energy supply."

What People are saying about GOPACS


Vitor Campos
Power trader - Optimax Energy

"Optimax Energy is very enthusiastic about GOPACS because it allows us as a young trading company to participate in a congestion management mechanism in the Netherlands through a very transparent and well-defined process. Energy markets are changing rapidly and we believe these mechanisms also need to evolve to meet the challenges ahead in a more innovative and clear way."

Rob Oostrom - Het Lijntje

Rob Oostrom
Owner - Kwekerij Lijntje

"Because of my contribution to solving the congestion problem via GOPACS, I have an extension to get more out of my CHP. This offers me a better return."

Bernard Wilmet - Powerhouse

Bernard Wilmet
CEO - Powerhouse

"Congestion is an important social problem that is only increasing. That is why we were one of the first to join. Powerhouse is convinced that we can offer a solution to the transport problem with the Gopacs platform and the power of our customers."

Flex available?

Join GOPACS! Participating in GOPACS is interesting for every market party with the ability to influence electricity consumption or the generation of electricity, which can offer this flexibility to trade.

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