Congestion Management Portal for specific congestion management areas

GOPACS Congestion Management Portal

GOPACS has added a new digital portal to the platform specifically intended for large-scale business consumers and power producers in a congestion management area. Now these customers in congestion areas can easily offer their flexible power of electricity. In the event of an (expected) capacity shortage, GOPACS sends a request to the large business users in a region where congestion management is applied, to make a flex bid. GOPACS then checks whether a combination of ups and down bids offers a solution to solve the shortage of transport capacity (congestion) in the electricity grid.

With the new congestion management portal, GOPACS offers an extra counter that should make it easy to place a flex bid for large business customers. Thie Congestion Management Portal is specifically meant for large-scale business customers who want or need to offer their available flexibility if the grid operator asks them to do so, because they are in an area where congestion management is applied. Via the GOPACS Congestion Management Portal, the provision and settlement of the flex bids is arranged through the energy trading platform.

Market parties continue to place their orders on the energy trading platforms.

Video about Congestion Management Portal

Congestion Management Portal GOPACS
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