EPEX SPOT successfully operationally linked to GOPACS platform

EPEX SPOT successfully connected to GOPACS platform

Arnhem/Paris, June 27, 2023

EPEX SPOT and GOPACS were successfully linked together on June 27, 2023. Now that the link between the two platforms is complete, the first orders can go through the EPEX SPOT platform. The going live marks an important milestone. It makes it possible to increase the available flexible capacity in the Dutch power grid and trade it securely. The first transactions through EPEX SPOT have already been completed.

EPEX SPOT is one of the largest energy trading exchanges in Europe and, with this partnership, provides access to greater liquidity in the Dutch energy market. GOPACS will use the orders that will be placed on EPEX SPOT's platform to reduce congestion situations on the power grid. In addition to EPEX SPOT, energy trading platform ETPA is also linked to GOPACS. By linking multiple energy trading platforms, GOPACS allows market participants to contribute to congestion mitigation through various energy trading exchanges. As a result, congestion management can be further scaled up in the Netherlands.

The successful live-go is the result of months of cooperation between the two companies, with everyone's expertise leveraged in such a way as to promote innovation. The connection lays the foundation for a reliable and dynamic local flexibility market to enable Dutch grid operators to resolve congestion on the electricity grid.

"We are pleased to announce that we have reached this important milestone in our partnership with GOPACS, said Ralph Danielski, Chief Executive Officer of EPEX SPOT. ''The successful link between GOPACS and EPEX opens up new opportunities for market participants, allowing them to make a significant contribution to the more efficient use of the electricity grid. Congestion on the power grid is one of the major challenges of the energy transition, we offer a turnkey solution for the procurement of market-based flexibility."

Dennis Stufkens, chairman of GOPACS, adds: "We too are enormously pleased with the realization of the link between EPEX SPOT and GOPACS, after a long period of intensive cooperation. The connection of GOPACS with EPEX SPOT is an important step in the GOPACS strategy, to provide the ability to solve congestion in the electricity grid."

Market parties with flexible power in the Netherlands who want to offer their supply and/or demand (with location data) to GOPACS can contact GOPACS via the contact page on this website or via their account manager of the relevant regional grid operator. Market parties wishing to offer their flexible power through EPEX SPOT can contact their key account manager or send an e-mail to sales@epexspot.com.

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