Reintroduction of BritNed as flexible power provider in redispatch bids


From April 15, 2024, it will again be possible to submit BritNed redispatch bids for GOPACS. With the reintroduction of BritNed, GOPACS is taking another step in facilitating solutions for congestion problems.

TenneT decided a year ago to temporarily stop the ability to bid via the BritNed connection. Bids often proved to be unusable or were not (fully) physically delivered by market participants. By improving working methods and processes, there is more certainty about the delivery of the offered flexibility.

Great need for flexible capacity

When flexible power is deployed in congestion areas with redispatch in the Intra-day market, a "counter-bid" of flexible power is always needed in another area. This allows grid operators to ensure the balance of the power grid when resolving congestion. BritNed allows Congestion Service Providers (CSPs) to provide flexible power from the BritNed connection point in the Netherlands. This increases the flexible power on GOPACS for the required counterbids. GOPACS connected parties thus have a higher chance that redispatch can take place with their bids and grid operators have more opportunities to apply congestion management.

Only for Congestion Service Providers (CSPs)

Market participants wishing to make redispatch bids via BritNed must be CSPs to do so. We ask CSPs, who have not previously been active on the BritNed connection, to indicate that you want to use the BritNed connection point. You will then receive the required location identifier (an EAN). Are you not yet approved as a CSP or have questions about this process? Please go to the “Partners in Energie” website to register or email to

Bidding through power exchanges

CSPs can actively bid through the power exchanges that are connected to GOPACS: ETPA and EPEX SPOT. It is up to the CSP to choose which power exchanges it uses.

BritNed available again from April 15

BritNed is officially available for use again as of April 15, 2024. Market parties can set up their business processes and register - if necessary - as a CSP. This will be the first step to enable market based congestion management via the BritNed connection point again. GOPACS and BritNed will continue to work closely together on further improvements and a higher degree of automation within the GOPACS – BritNed congestion management and allocation process.

The more assets, the more flexible power

More flexible power means more opportunities for grid operators to apply congestion management. This is why GOPACS is calling for as many flexible assets as possible - from low voltage to high voltage - to be registered on GOPACS. In this way, market parties and grid operators work together to optimize the use of the electricity grid.

Questions and more information

For more information, please visit Questions about BritNed can be sent to Questions about GOPACS can be sent to

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