Congestion Management

What is Congestion Management?

With congestion management, grid operators allocate the limited space on the electricity grid. This is done at times when the demand for electricity transmission is higher than the electricity grid can handle. Is this demand too high at a certain time? Then the grid operators ask large business customers via GOPACS whether they can temporarily use or generate less electricity for a market-based fee. The space thus freed up is distributed among other users of the electricity grid. This creates more space on the electricity grid and, at the same time, the customer receives compensation for the capacity he did not need anyway. A nice win-win situation.

Since the new Grid Code came into force (june 2022), only authorised Congestion Service Providers (CSP) can still submit bids via GOPACS.

GOPACS is an initiative of the Dutch grid operators:


Flex available?

Join GOPACS! Participating in GOPACS is interesting for every market party with the ability to influence electricity consumption or the generation of electricity, which can offer this flexibility to trade.

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